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"Anna" short film, released online!

"Anna" directed by Kurt Yochum and starring Anna Tunhav and Brian Chenworth has been released to YouTube! I provided the score and production/ post sound mix.

*Spoilers* I really got into the use of the Moog synthesizers on this one. My sub 37 and DFAM provided the backdrop for the flashback and the ensuing madness, while I tried to keep everything with our main Anna in the somewhat cheery orchestral zone while hinting to her insanity with synth undertones and sound design. Kurt had the idea to bring in the whispers throughout that I feel added a nice atmosphere that then inspired me to want to make the evil Anna's voice even more fragmented. I used some GRM tools along with some Soundtoys plugins to make all that magic happen. The final song during the credits was previously released on my album Phoenix Asteroids vol 1, happy to see it find some use behind visuals. Thank you for reading, have a fun and safe month o Halloween!!

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